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Access reliable, on-demand participants anytime for your survey or task. Check your new data before you approve participant rewards.

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You can easily filter participants by any demographic (for example, sex, age, nationality, first language, student status & many more).

Easy integration

Already use Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, Gorilla, or another software to host your survey or tasks? - Great! All you need is our survey/task URL to get started on Prolific

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Ethical Rewards

On Prolific, we endorse the principle of ethical rewards. That is, we ask researchers to reward participants with at least $6.50 per hour.

Service Charge

We add a 30% service charge* on each participant payment.
* +VAT where applicable

Study Cost Calculator

Participants required: 50
Reward per participant: $1.40
Total cost: $91.00

Good quality data very quickly. Revolutionary.

Dr Alex Jones

Lecturer in Psychology

Swansea University

I'm extremely happy with Prolific. I'm close to complete data collection in record time! I've been spreading the word at the coffee corner :) Again thank you!

Jean Calvino

Behavioural Psychologist, Maastricht University

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