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High quality participant pool

On Prolific you can find reliable, on-demand participants. We do the recruiting for you. You can check your newly collected data before you approve participant rewards. Plus, we vet our participants in multiple ways to ensure high data quality.

Flexible Prescreening

Find participants that exactly fit your prescreening criteria. Flexibly choose from a range of demographics to recruit participants you need. Need a custom prescreening that we don't already have? Just get in touch!

Longitudinal research

Easily run a longitudinal online study with our white list feature. For more information on how to do this, read our blog post.

Easy participant payment

Pay for your online study or task in one lump sum. By handling the micro-payments to your participants we relieve you from this administrative hassle. Bonus payments are available. Just get in touch!


Validate your research across a range of nationalities. We have participants from 147 countries. Only want participants from a particular country? No problem, you can pre-screen for certain demographics for no additional charge.

Integration with your favorite survey tools

Already use Gorilla, Cognilab, Unipark, Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey or any other software to run your survyes or tasks? No problem. We integrate easily with other platforms to find participants for your task!

Control over your data collection

By rewarding diligent participants you will motivate good performance. However, if need be, you can reject unsatisfactory submissions. Our software manages your participants while you can focus on getting your work done.

Participant Naivete

Want to run a series of studies or tasks but want unique participants every time? No problem! Excluding people who have participated in your past assignments is just a click of a button (and has no additional charge). New feature: You can now select naive vs. experienced participants.

Rapid data collection

With up to 100 responses per hour you'll collect your data in no time!

A typical study can take < 24 hours to fulfil.