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Our story

In spring 2014, co-founder Katia became really frustrated by how difficult it was to recruit participants for her PhD research. She had literally tried everything you can think of… asked people on the street, begged her friends on social media, plastered her university and city with flyers. Nothing helped!

Then she tried some online platforms, but they were either very slow, dodgy, or not available outside the US! And paying many £££ to a traditional panel company to find the right people wasn't really an option either…

One afternoon, Katia and her friend Phelim realized that a researcher-friendly, easy-to-use platform was missing in the crowdsourcing landscape! So they decided to team up and build one.

Phelim and Katia sat down, rolled up their sleeves, and created an alpha version within 4 weeks. They officially launched "Prolific Academic" on April 10th, 2014. Happy birthday, Prolific!*

Ever since, Prolific has become a crowdsourcing platform that both researchers and participants love!

2000+ academics, startups, charities and businesses have used Prolific with great success, running more than 8000 studies. Participants can earn cash rewards for themselves or donate them to charity. It's easy to filter participants by any demographic you can think of.

* A year later they decided that "Prolific Academic" was too clunky a name, so they dropped the "Academic"-bit and "Prolific" it is now :-)

Meet the team


Ekaterina Damer

CEO and Co-Founder


Phelim Bradley

CTO and Co-Founder


Kendra Meyer

Customer Support


Jim Moodie

Product Manager


Stephen O'Malley



Andrew Cox